Cold Heat Glue Gun – online sales and useful information

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Many people enjoy making crafts that require hot glue adhesive power but they fear that the glue gun will get too hot and cause a fire or other dangerous situations. With the cold heat glue gun this worry is no longer a threat to your safety, while providing the ability to use the glue gun safely and efficiently. The best part about it is the technology and how it works.

The cold heat glue gun is a special device which will be able to rapidly heat up the glue with the gun and provides enough heat to keep the glue malleable and useful until it cools and becomes hard once more. This design can be accomplished in many ways and is very useful in different ways as well. The most important part of the cold heat glue gun is the fact that it will be able to prevent fires and other damages that may occur with other glue gun options. The cold heat happens so fast that it is nearly unnoticed until the hot glue makes its way out of the glue gun to be applied.

The cold heat glue guns will need special glue sticks as well. These glue sticks come in various options to choose from and some are designed to be useable at a lower temperatures. These glue sticks are ideal for several projects and will be very useful when dealing with delicate options and more. Lower temperature cold heat glue guns provide nice results.

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Cold Heat Glue Gun Benefits

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Decorating your home the way you have always dreamed is simpler with the cold heat glue gun. In case you have never heard about this type of machine, you should know that the cold heat glue gun should not miss from any home. The cold heat glue gun can help you decorate your home, complete small repairs with less efforts and save a lot of money.

However, it is important to know that the cold heat glue gun cannot be used only for decorating. With this spectacular machine you will actually be able to easily create your own jewelry. Many women dream about wearing unique accessories and spend less money on them. Well, when you design them, they will not only be one of a kind and absolutely spectacular, but they will also be very affordable.

Regardless of your purposes in using the cold heat glue gun, you will surely enjoy a wide range of benefits. Here are the most important ones.


1. Saving money. Naturally, everyone wants to save some money, when possible. The cold heat glue gun is very affordable, so you will not have to make an important investment to be able to purchase it. When using the cold heat glue gun you can decorate your rooms, make small repairs or design your own accessories at the lowest costs. You will definitely be amazed by how useful this machine can be.


2. Easy use. The cold heat glue gun is very safe and simple to use. It works perfectly, regardless of the type of things you have to glue. The handle nicely fits your hand, for even a more comfortable usage. Since the cold heat glue gun supposes no over-heating, your hands will be safe from the risk of burning. The only thing you will have to know when using this device is that the harder you press the trigger, the more glue will come out. Depending on what you are making, you will need more or less glue.


3. Simple maintenance. One of the best things about the cold heat glue gun is that it features both an adjustable light on the front of the gun for you to see what you are gluing, and a window to see how much glue you have left. This way you will easily know when to replace the glue. The device works on batteries, so the only thing you will have to do to make sure that it will work perfectly, is to replace or recharge the batteries when they run out.


There is absolutely no way you will not love the cold heat glue gun. Purchase your device as soon as possible and start making all the repairs you want. It is simple to operate and really great to have at home.

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Start Making Your Own Accessories

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If you are one of those women who is easily bored with accessories, always on the look out for more, but have become highly unsatisfied with what the market can provide for you, then maybe it is time you start making your own accessories. Some of you may find this as a silly idea, however, you should consider the fact that this is the only way through which you can have all the accessories that you want and you can even create personalized models for all the outfits you like to wear. All you need to start up this venture is a cold heat glue gun and some materials.


The designs and the models for the accessories are all your choice. Many women find themselves in a situation as such in which they would like to find the perfect accessories for an outfit, but they cannot. Even if these are hair accessories, jewelry or any other types of items, you can be sure of the fact that you will be able to create them on your own. You can start gathering up materials as soon as possible and, once you have a strong collection of them, you can get the cold heat glue gun and start on your products.


The cold heat glue gun is a very efficient tool in the case of making accessories, due to the fact that it has a special system, which helps you get the work done, without having any difficulties. In order to make elements stick to one another, you have to use hot glue and you have to wait for it to cool and harden, so that you can move on with your work. Through the usage of the cold heat glue gun, this will no longer be an issue. It provides the power of the hot glue, but the tool immediately cools the glue down offering a fast and a more productive process.


The materials that you can use in the process can be some of the old accessories that you have or some that you have bought from a haberdashery. You should start by looking into your old accessories and by thinking about how you can use the ones that you do not wear anymore. You will find a lot of great materials this way, as you probably have collected these accessories for years and many of them have run out of style. The haberdashery can be the place in which you will find treasures, as there are a lot of materials sold in this type of shop. You are bound to find the materials that were missing, as well as some new ones you may not have taught about.


The results will be amazing, as you will have the chance to create your very own accessories just the way you want them. With the help of the cold heat glue gun and with all the materials that you have or that you have bought, you will start a new and improved collection of accessories, all perfectly tailored to your taste. More to this, if you are really happy with the results and you notice that people admire your creations, you can start your very own homemade business of creating lovely accessories.

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Things to Know About A Cold Heat Glue Gun

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When you are using a glue gun, at some point you would probably wished it to be cordless. You had to either gather up extension cords or somehow figure out how to safely get the glue gun and your project near each other. If you are like me, you drape the cords and still have to stretch to get the two closer together.

There is a solution to the cords and stretching, the cold heat glue gun. Much to my surprise, the cold heat glue gun does it all. From the sleek look to the power save mode to the low battery light, the cold heat glue gun is a great tool. The cold heat glue gun not only shut down when it was left for more than 8 minutes, but when the low battery light came on, it worked for another 30 seconds. The batteries of the cold heat glue gun last up to 1.5 hours per charge. You can also buy additional batteries to the cold heat glue gun. Moreover, you can adjust the batteries of the cold heat glue gun and continue with your project.

The cold heat glue gun uses low temperature mini glue sticks, in both short and long term lengths. The company that makes the cold heat glue gun recommends you use the cold heat glue gun brand glue sticks in order to have the best results and benefit from a longer battery life. I used up the glue sticks that came with the cold heat glue gun, so I had to use some other low heat one that I had for awhile. They were not that great, since the cold heat glue gun was taking longer to heat them. This is why it is very important to use products that are compatible with the cold heat glue gun. You can find the cold heat glue gun in specialized hardware stores, as well as on different websites. Either way, the cold heat glue gun is a perfect addition to your tools since it eases your work.

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Using a Cold Heat Glue Gun

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Using a cold heat glue gun is something many jewelry maker rely on when creating all sorts of crafts. In other words, it’s an important tool in the jewelry making process especially if you are crafting mixed media jewelry. The reason being is because of the unique mixture of materials being used in addition to the nature of the project. If you are planning to add a cold heat glue gun to your arsenal of crafting tools, then you’ll find the following details helpful.

What it all boils down to is convenience, versatility, and mobility when using a cold heat glue gun. There are no cords to keep you from moving around from one workspace to the next freely without the need to bring your work close to an electrical outlet or purchase additional extension cords. An NiCad battery is used to power the cold heat glue gun and it easily attaches to the base of the glue gun’s handle. It takes nearly two-three hours to fully charge a battery once all the power has been depleted. The estimated battery life is around 30 minutes when using continuously.

You’ll also receive a compatible charger for your glue gun. The type of charger you’ll need will be based on your power supply. When using a cold heat glue gun, it only take about two minutes for the glue gun reach its operational temperature when you power it up from a cold start. Each tool comes with a instructional sheet making it even easier to use and operate.

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Cold Heat Glue Gun Battery

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Have you figured out that getting a cold heat glue gun battery with long life is one of the most extremely important features of this tool. As you strongly consider purchasing a cold heat glue gun for your crafting projects or to complete some sort of home repair project, look for a battery that is easily rechargeable. Not only that but, you want a glue gun battery that retains heat longer than a few fleeting minutes. It should provide you with optimal working time with the lowest burn possible.

Your cold heat glue gun battery should give you at least one and half hours of heat on a single charge. Because of cold heat technology, the glue gun is able to heat up fast so that you can start on your projects in under a minute. What’s more, be sure to choose a glue gun that is cordless. Needless to say, with no cord to trip over, you’ll more done in less time. Plus, cordless cold heat glue guns work with a low voltage operation which in turn provides for a reduction in electrical hazards.

While deciding on which brand of cold heat glue guns to purchases, also keep in mind ones with ergonomic designs. The reason being is that a comfortable grip nearly eliminates hand strain. This will help to make projects flow at lot easier. And besides having a cold heat glue gun battery that provides for quick heating and speedy cooling abilities, pick one with a power save feature to preserve batter power and does away with the risk of burns when the glue gun is not being used.

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